The Power to Move People

It's more than just your product or service — it's the emotion your brand evokes. Does it captivate your audience? Will it draw them in? A strong visual presence is central to the success of your brand....


Everything we create is original; we do not design from templates. You will never come across other materials exactly like yours, except with a different logo and new content. Your collateral is a part of your brand and image, which is why it should be entirely unique to you and you alone.

Our Methodology

To ensure we best capture the essence of your organization in the most efficient manner, Captiva employs the following design methodology for our projects:

1. Project Analysis

  • Client interview
  • Discuss goals
  • Review options
  • Define guidelines
  • Set budget, timeline, parameters
  • Establish goals

2. Research/Strategy

  • Research competition
  • Identify target market
  • Evaluate values
  • Define strategy
  • Set direction

3. Design & Message

  • Explore new ideas for delivering a compelling message
  • Develop strategic message
  • Design directionals & concepts
  • Present concepts
  • Client review

4. Production

  • Finalize artwork
  • Define final specifications
  • Optimize electronic files
  • Send/transfer files
  • Review proofs

5. Implementation

  • Plan put into action
  • Integrate brand into all marketing
  • Time/release dates
  • Guidelines
  • Create style guide

6. Followup/Analysis