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To ensure we best capture the essence of your organization, Captiva employs the following web design methodology:

PHASE 1: Site Definition & Planning
What do you want your site to do for you? How will it reach that goal? In this phase, we clarify and define the site goals and determine roles and deliverables.

PHASE 2: Content & Involvement
We begin by asking you to complete a web survey and competitive analysis. What do you want people to do while they visit your site and after leaving? Interactivity must be considered. Together, we determine the requirements for your site. The information is then created and navigation is logically mapped to show layout and function. After this, we focus on content creation. (You provide the content or we can write it for you).

PHASE 3: Interface Design & Production
We provide several design options and you can make unlimited tweaks. Once you approve the visual direction, we begin creating your site, ensuring that all design elements are standardized. Navigation, interface design, and functionality are combined with the visual direction.

PHASE 4: Technical Engineering
When the design and layout are complete, the site’s code engineering can begin, usually at the same time the look-and-feel is being pieced together and optimized for download speed. In this phase, all technical aspects of the site, including forms, databases, e-commerce, and other needs are addressed.

PHASE 5: Quality Assurance
All of our sites go through a series of quality assurance tests before going live on the World Wide Web in order to assure that they function as intended and there are no "bad" links or viewing problems in various browsers.

PHASE 6: Publishing & Promotion
Finally, we launch your new site! A web site works fabulously for those who make it part of a well-rounded marketing program. If your prospects don’t know you exist, they won’t find you. We’ll help determine a plan to promote your site on and offline. We’ll also consider your follow-up game plan so you’re able to handle the requests without getting buried. Read more...

PHASE 7: Maintenance
A web site is a work in progress and it must be nurtured. Even before completion of the site, we’ll be devising your plan for updating.